Book-signing, teen workshop, molasses, and the start of a new story

Thanks to all who stopped by at last night’s book-signing. I enjoyed talking to every one of you. It was also kind of cool to watch the parade of kiddies with their treasures of balloon art and face paintings and mouthfuls of cake behind blue-icing lips. How can that not be fun? Smiles and laughter everywhere. Plus I ran into an old acquaintance from elementary school days–how about that? It’s a small world. The nickname of Suky gave her away. Not a nickname I’ve ever had, though sharing the same first name, so it caught my attention. Plus, she still does look like her twelve-year-old self. How does she do that?

Next up is the pair of writing workshops for teens that I’m giving at Tredyffrin Library in Strafford, PA, July 11th and 18th, each at 7 pm. Call Laurie Doan at 610-688-7092 if you are interested. And if you’d like something like that for actual adults, let me know. I’ve always got lots of ideas on how to get the writing muse into the room.

Start with a cup of sugar, a cup of flour, a cup of molasses–oh, no that’s my Aunt Hattie’s cookie recipe. But hey, the writing muse might like molasses. You never know!

Moving on with my new story. Fortune-telling and flute-playing and love stories. Playing it as it lays.

On to the next adventure!

By authorsusanshaw

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