Cabrini College authors’ panel and opus-pretending

Hello to everybody on this beautiful spring day. I was part of an authors’ panel for a librarian’s conference at Cabrini College the other day. Went through amazing rain to get there–creeks flooding over their banks everywhere, cars turning around. But I got there in good shape without the help of a helicopter and regardless of messages from the gods. A good event put on by Rick Stetler. Other authors included Marc Schuster, Donna Huston Murray, Tiffany Schmidt, Scott Heydt, and Susan Beth Lehman. Always interesting to hear the thoughts of other writers. And to hear the questions. Have put a bunch of new authors (for me) on my list of must-reads. How can you not want to read something called MICE DON’T TASTE LIKE CHICKEN (Heydt).

Sooo–back to work on the next opus, or at least what is pretending to be the next opus. While I pretend to write it. Having trouble getting past the beginning. Guess I just like where the character already is. I will have to knock her off the tightrope she walks. Who knew that a tightrope might be the safest place? But I guess if it’s that or an ocean’s whirlpool, go for the tightrope. But then–no actual story. Just me adding curtains to windows instead of breaking the window and letting the spears fly.

So let the spears fly!

If you’re in the area of Devon, PA on the 19th, come see me at the Neighborhood Funfest put on by St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. I’ll be signing books starting at 6:30.

And I’ll be giving some teen writing workshops at the Tredyffrin Public Library, Strafford, PA, in July. More on that later.

Love to all–

By authorsusanshaw

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