Book signings, past and future, and teleconferences, to say nothing of zucchinis

Thanks to everybody who attended yesterday’s book signing at Chester County Books and Music. It was fun connecting and reconnecting with such authors as Jen Bryant, KM Walton, Debbie Dadey, Ruth Zavitsanos, Shannon Wiersbitzky, and Kathye Fetsko Petrie. A good crowd, and if you attended, you got to talk with them, too. Wasn’t that great? The highest point for me out of a number of high points was the moment a certain young man grabbed a copy of ONE OF THE SURVIVORS off my table, turned to the front of the store while waving the book well over his head, and shouted, “This one!”

Yay for certain young men! Yay!

KM Walton, otherwise known as Kate, tells me she will be signing books, same as yours truly, at the PAYA event next Saturday, August 25th, so if you’re looking for her or me or a good number of other YA authors, then come to that and look for us. That signing will be at the PA leadership Charter School Advanced Ideas Center, 1585 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA, starting at noon. For more information on that and the writing and librarian workshops just prior to the signings, go to or

Come! You will be welcomed with open arms!

I want to make everyone aware of two teleconference presentations I will be giving for Writing For Children Live, hosted by Kim Taylor-DiLeva. The first presentation, The Writing Passion, will be November 14th, 7-8:30 EST, and second, Developing The Story, will be April 17, 7-8:30. After both presentations, callers may ask me questions. Afterwards, CDs of the teleconference will be available for purchase through
Other authors, including Marion Dane Bauer, of Newbery Honor book ON MY HONOR fame, will be presenting for this organization on other days. Participate in all!
On the writing front, I continue to write my Traviata story and hope that it grows and grows like some zucchinis I picked this morning. Hope my friends all like zucchini bread!
Best and love to all–
By authorsusanshaw

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