Missing email–apologies–and writing deep

Hey everybody out there–

In case  you have been trying to communicate to me through my website, I haven’t been able to receive it lately. Don’t know why–some glitch in the firmament–but I hope to have the issue settled soon. So, sorry. Keep trying, and I’ll eventually collect all those missing messages. Assuming there are any! And if you’re not sending them, send them!

I’m still working on my story. I came to a place in it yesterday that I wrote the day before and thought, no, this happens too fast, this shouldn’t happen yet. And if I leave it alone, I can’t go forward.

So I back-tracked a little bit, me who tries not to revise as I write the first draft–usually it’s full steam ahead no matter what! But there can be exceptions. If  you can’t go forward, then I guess you have to go deep. This is writing, not football, after all. Going deep–it’s sort of like sideways time, something I’ve often wished I could invent. Maybe that’s why I’m a writer, so I can invent sideways time. At least on paper.

Writing deeper into the story is like going into the heart of a stew where you know there’s one small cherry tomato, you’re pretty sure, anyway, because you can taste the juice, and aha! there it is, the orangey red, the dark specks, the escaping seeds! You found it! But you have to write to find it. The discovery method!

So I took that writing knife, and cut a gap between two paragraphs and meandered a little. And guess what, it’s better. The story’s flowing again, there’s more character development, and the story line is sharper. And that part that I pushed further off? I deleted it. It felt good. Nothing wrong with a little meandering.

So I’m going back to work now, hoping to find more cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, and maybe a little bit of pie in the sky.

Thanks for checking in!

By authorsusanshaw

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