New Projects and New Ideas and the Snoopy Effect

It’s January fifth already, and the holiday season feels almost like a mirage. Busy and colorful, and fast disappearing behind the bends in the river. Always good to look forward.

I’ve been working on a new project that is going well. Can’t talk about it yet–my projects are like the helium in balloons when it’s early days. Talking about them pricks the balloons, and the stories escape into the ether, and they cannot be gathered back. But I do have a story going that I’ve liked for more than two days running, which is kind of a record lately. Maybe the Christmas break recharged my batteries. Too bad you can’t do that the way you recharge cell phones. Just plug in, and after an hour, we’re all set for the next story. Well, we’re not machines.

I was talking with one of my friends the other day, one I talk to maybe once a month. We get caught up with each other during those conversations, exchanging truncated versions of our most recent experiences, and I got to thinking that by this time, my friend, with her somewhat detached perspective, must know what the next chapter of my life might be, based on all the things that have led up to where we all stand now. I suggested she write the next chapter and see if it matches up with what really happens. After all, just like in fiction, people behave in character. One thing leads to another, and we all act and react in character, even when we think we don’t–because we really can’t do anything else–and then we’re onto the next chapter in our lives. All very predictable, right?

Except for that thing I call the Snoopy effect. Charlie Brown never expects a caped and goggled Snoopy to fly into the sandbox, knocking everybody else head over heels, while pursuing the Red Baron.

So, that’s what I’m thinking. All stories, just like in reality, have their Snoopys and Red Barons who swoop down out of the sky and knock people over as they go about their lives. We’ll see what kind of Snoopy effects my new story produces.  But boy! No wonder I so often feel like my life is a cartoon strip!

Thanks for visiting! I’ll be back before too long!

By authorsusanshaw

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