Happy New Year!

Hello, all you great people! Thanks for visiting here. Hope you’re all enjoying the season.

I’m at my desk still trying to get a handle on the latest opus. I think sometimes I’ve got it, but somehow, the golden threads keep slipping through my fingers. Well, I know. Keep writing, and the story will reveal itself and won’t let go. Once it does that, then here I go on the roller coaster!  But so far . . . There is always the fear that my last story was my last, and that can lead to nail-biting.  Maybe my new hero is a nail-biter? What’s she nervous about? Or he? Something that hides in the rain outside the window? Or maybe she bites her nails just because she bites her nails. Seems like the habit of an uneasy person, though. What’s the reason, what’s the reason?

While I search for the big hook, I listen to the patter of rain, thinking how it mixes with the dull quietness of the furnace and the click of the keys under my fingers. Maybe the rain and the furnace and the clicking will grow into the story about the girl, about the boy, about the someone who needs to get from point a to point b, and he better figure out how because so much depends on it–

Yes, so much depends on it.

Well, whatever it is, it won’t be what I’m expecting, that I can be sure of. Things tend to work this way from where I sit.

But, along with the rain and the quiet roar from my furnace and the story that doesn’t want to show up-not yet, not yet, I’m thinking of you, whoever you are, and wishing you a wonderful New Year! All the best, from me to you!

Till next time–

By authorsusanshaw

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