Book-signings, magical acts, and Pavlov’s dogs

Hey, everybody. Another great day in my part of Pennsylvania.

Those of you who came to my book-signing at the Devon, PA, Barnes and Noble on Saturday, thank you! The table was full when I started and empty when I left, and I’m going back to sign more books next Tuesday, the 20th, at four, at the same place. Hope to see another stack of TUNNEL VISION disappear. 

I’m also signing copies at Chester County Books in West Chester, PA, this Thursday, the 15th, at  7. Come say hello! Watch the magic books disappear! That’s what it felt like to me on Saturday. I almost felt like I had to explain what happened to all those books–I ate them? I hid them behind the pillar? Where did they go? The truth is a little stranger. Wow! Thank you again, those who bought them. Love my readers!

Pretty cool stuff.

Well, I’m working at my desk every day, like usual, writing the elusive great American novel. Some days, it’s more elusive than others.

One thing I know, you have to sit there every day, every day, every day if you want to catch the ideas as they fly by. I sit there, and the ideas come, some days more easily than others. But just the act of sitting at my desk seems to bring it on, and sometimes the ideas start to flow before I sit. Like Pavlov’s dogs and the ringing bell–it’s all in the conditioning.

So, fellow writers, ring that bell!

By authorsusanshaw

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