Small worlds and trumpet and rain duets

I’m sitting here at my desk listening to trumpet music wending its way from the front of my house to back where I am, so the brass tones mingle with the raindrops pattering against my roof. The brass tones rise and fall in volume and in pitch, but the rain holds steady. Looks like a wet preThanksgiving to me, but maybe the trumpet music will keep me dry.

I just heard from Kathy Temean, the lovely lady who works on my website, that she happened to attend an SCBWI First Page Session way back in 2002, when one of the first pages read was about a boy kept in the basement by his father. She wondered while working on my website and coming across my title, THE BOY FROM THE BASEMENT,  if what she’d heard back then was my effort, and it was. Surprise! I was sure surprised that she remembered it. You just never know. I did actually sell it to one of the editors present. That was cool. Click on if you’d like to read Kathy’s comments on that and on other serendipitous events.

I always liked going to the Doylestown event–I liked hearing what other writers were doing, and I liked seeing if my reactions were similar to what the editors said. Plus it’s just great to talk to other writers. So much enthusiasm in the writing community!

So, wonderful people, the musician has put his trumpet away and gone on to other things, but the raindrops continueth. I’m going to sign off and mingle my new story with the falling rain.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the trimmings!

By authorsusanshaw

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